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About Us / Quality Policies

Esteemed customers,

The competitive global economy which had started during the second half of the 20th century has reached its peaks and the international transport sector in which strong quality winds are blowing is located just in middle of this highly competitive economy.Total quality is a most in the service sector as it is in every field.

Our target as Transtekno International Transport Company is to grow and strengthen our local and international position in international transport sector.

Under such competitive surroundings,we believe that the most important condition to reach this target or even to continue our existance in the sector is to increase the quality of our services in order to pass beyond the expectations of our customers.

In the ligt of these realities;

.To be in constant search of perfection and to reach perfection in the services we provide,

.To understand the exact expectations of our costumers,to meet and to pass beyond these expectations,

.To be in "Continuous Development"in our service quality,our productivity,and everything we perform,

.To increase our education levels,our skills,and our quality consciousness, are the main principles of our quality politics...

Please explore this informative WEB PAGE where our activity fields,and technology are introduced.Then,call us as per your needs.You will soon realize our main principle,

"Excellent Service - Reasonable Prices"which is a reflection of our quality politics.